Memorial to Captain Eric Percy Coventry Beck at Maxstoke in Warwickshire
I have just visited St Michaels Church in The Warwickshire Village of Maxstoke Where their is a memorial to Cthe Captain it is in the form of a crucifix surmounting two stone blocks set in the wall of the churchyard .the side facing the road is inscribed as a war memorial with the names of fallen parishioners in the "Great War" the other side is inscribed to his memory and underneathrather puzzingly" and his wife Violet who died with him"
Posted by William Arnold on 10 June 2017
HMS Natal survivor
My Grandfather, Royal Marine Arthur William Penfold was a lamp trimmer on HMS Natal. The events according to his daughter (my Aunt) were:
He had been ashore the previous day on a drinking spree with a number of his friends from the ship. He returned alone to the ship on the last boat of the day. His friends stayed ashore to continue drinking and they rejoined the ship on the first boat the following day. They were by then late for duty and 'arrested', and locked in the ship's Brig. My Grandfather watched the 'arrest' of his friends.
After the explosion the ship began to roll over and my Grandfather was able to jump into the water and swim ashore. His fiends were still locked in the Brig.
It was one month to the day after his marriage, and had he stayed ashore with his friends the subsequent family line would not exist.
I have donated my Grandfathers and my Fathers (a RM in WW11) service record documents to the Royal Marine Museum in Portsmouth.
In the process the museum archivist related to me that her Great Grandfather was also on the ship. He was ashore watching a football match at the time of the explosion. Then he and others went out in boats to pick up the survivors still in the water.
Posted by Alec Penfold on 06 June 2017
Thank you for your story about your Grandfather's "lucky" escape. I have always wondered about the two sailors who lost their lives because they were locked in the brig. Now we have some indication about why they were there.

Paul Monk, Website creator and author
Posted by Paul Monk on 11 June 2017
HMS Natal
Stoker 1st Class Herbert(Bertie)John COLES SS/112091 was my Great Uncle. My Grandmother Alice May Shelford(nee COLES) was his sister. When the memorial at Cromarty was re-dedicated she was too old to travel. I sent a letter and was kindly sent a press release and a photograph that I was able to show my Grandmother.
Posted by Vivian Saxby on 29 December 2016
Thank you for your contribution to this website commemorating the loss of HMS Natal. Today (30 December 2015) is the 101st anniversary of the disaster. May it never be forgotten.
Paul Monk, website creator and author.
Posted by Paul Monk on 30 December 2016
Ord Smn H P Collar
Could I add to my previous post that my late wife and I visited the Cromarty Firth some years ago and were very gratified to find such an impressive display and most accommodating (out of hours) guide at the Invergordon Museum.
Posted by John Collar on 08 November 2016
My father`s brother was Ord Seaman Harry Percival Collar who died, age19, when the ship exploded. Several years ago I spent a long time researching the ship`s history, log books and the PRO documents arising from the disaster. Luckily I have his medals inherited from my dad including the Natal Medallion and his RNTS(Temperance)medal.See D Telegraph notice 30Dec2015.
Posted by John Collar on 08 November 2016
HMS Natal
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HMS Natal
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