There were two groups of survivors from the explosion and sinking.  The first, were a group who were on shore leave, in Invergordon, either playing in or watching a football match.  The second group were on board HMS Natal and were rescued from the disaster.

In a remarkable piece of administration a list of all the survivors, who were not officers, was created for the Captain of the Fleet, by the Senior Medical Officer of HMHS Plassy.  This document survives and is dated 2nd January 1916 and is hand written.  This hand written document was transcribed on 3rd January 1916 and also survives.

The original order to HMHS Plassy was as follows:

From…..Captain of the Fleet, Home Fleets
To…..The Senior Medical Officer, Hospital Ship Plassy
Date…..2 January 1916
“The Commander in Chief would be glad if you would ascertain from the survivors on board “Plassy” their positions in “HMS Natal” at the time of the explosion and if possible forward the same to me today.”
Signed…..L Halsey, Commodore, Captain of the Fleet.”

To this order is attached the hand written list that is signed by Montague L.B. Rodd, Fleet Surgeon, SMO.  This list has the same date as the original order and was received on the 3rd January 1916 and was immediately typed up and then countersigned by the Admiral.

The front page of this document is interesting as it indicates the early gathering of information for the Court Martial.  The surviving document reads as follows:

21/HF.0021   3rd January 2001
Survivors from HMS “Natal” – Their positions on board at the time of the explosion.
List showing positions.
For information, in continuation of submission No. 12/H.F.0021of 1st January 1915(sic.)
Ratings against whose names a X has been placed have been interrogated and may be able to give valuable evidence.
Signed  J. R. Jellicoe , Admiral”



The Survivors List of those on board HMS Natal


The following list is a transcription of that created in Home Fleets’ letter 21/H.F.0021 dated 3rd January 1916.  It does not include anyone who was at the football match nor any surviving officers.

Those names marked with an X were those who were interrogated as possible sources of information for the Board of Enquiry.

(Abbreviations, spacings and capital letters in the following list are exactly as given in the original document.)


  W.T.Doneathy Stoker Stokers' Bathroom
  E.W. Whitten Stoker Abreast ship's galley
X E.W.Veale Stoker No 2 Stokehold (when he first heard the noise)
X G.F.Cushing Sto. P.O. After boiler room, closing up the double bottom
  T. Robinson L. Sto. R.N.R. Stokers' Bathroom
  W.E.Dane L.Sto. Forward CO2 Room
  W.H.Burrows Stoker Inside boiler, 'B' Stokehold
  D. Meldrum Stoker Mess deck
  T. Blakelock Stoker, R.N.R. On top of 'B' Boiler
  W. Little Stoker Head flat
  E. Adams Lg. Sto. In 'A' Boiler room
  F. Hardstone Mechn. Chief Stoker's Mess
  C.C.Parker Stoker Inside No.6 boiler in No. 2 Stokehold
  F.H.Skinner Lg. Sto. In No. 3 Stokehold
  T. Armstrong Stoker, R.N.R No. 2 Stokehold
  R. Keegan Stoker Upper Deck, near Y1 turret, facing aft
  J.B.McLennan Ch.E.R.A. ERA's Mess, forward of 53 Bulkhead
X C.T.Cuthbertson Stoker Stokehold of 2nd picket boat tied up to the port boom
  J. Mott Sto.P.O. Engineroom of ..do..
X A. Perry Stoker 1st picket boat, alongside port sea gangway (coaling)
X H. Defroad Sto. P.O. ..do..
X W. Barlow Stoker After engine room stores
  A.J. Picket Sto. P.O. 'B' Stokehold
  H. Millen Stoker Y.2 redoubt
  G.R.Dickenson Sto. P.O. 'B' Stokehold
  Geo. T. Lewis Painter 2c Paint Store
X M. Bransfield Shipwt. Main deck, portside, Petty Officer's Mess
  R. Hilton Sh. Corpl. Police Office
  R. Willis Shipwt. Outside Police Office
X R. Kent S.B.A. Sick Bay
  H. Henston Carp. Crew Fore Shelter deck
X D.J. Green Pte, R.M.L.I. Upper deck,near ladder leading from Quarter Mess Deck
  A. Penfold Pte, R.M.L.I Lamp Room, portside forward
  E. Boylan A.B. Upper deck, midships, coaling picket boat
  G. Heath P.O. A.1 Shell Room
X J. Burgoyne C.P.O. Fore Shelter deck, stowing sand locker
X E. Brewin C.P.O. Abreast of ventilator(from fore end Marines' 
      Mess Deck) on upper deck aft
  L. Gorbutt A.B. In first picket boat alongside port sea gangway
X H. Finlay A.B. R.N.R. ..do..
X R. Ahearn Lg. Sea. R.N.R. ..do..
X A Schneider Act Bomb.,R.M.A.  Quarter deck
    (Corp of the Day)  
X H.T. Sutton P.O.1c (Q'master) On Quarter deck (just going to see the 
      time inside te screen door)
  Geo. Wood P.O.1c Upper deck, starb'd side, forward
  Albert E. Tate A.B. Forecastle turret
  Roland C. Cousins A.B. Fore gun deck, starb'd side after end
X A. Runcles Ord.Sea. Signal Bridge
  R. Meredith Ord.sea. Fore gun deck, facing aft
  Edward Stupple Ord. Sea. Maintop mess deck
  Stephen Boyer A.B. 7.5 inch roller ring, X2 turret
  M. Boyle A.B. Descending starboard fore shelter ladder
X James McDade A.B. After mess, on quarterdeck mess deck
X Michael Fogarty A.B. "I was by the ventilator alongside funnels, alongside the
      hatch, at voicepipe leading onto aft deck, and asked the
      switch-keeper to break connections for after lights, and
      he sang out 'all right'. The next I heard was a rumbling
      noise, and I saw a flame coming up the after hatchway,
      which caught me and threw me in the air and rolled
      along the upper deck."
X Herbert Amlot A.B.  
  George Davis Sail. Mte. sail room
  Charles Maidment Lg. Sea. Main deck, starboard side
  Arthur Turvey Ord. Foretop mess deck
  Henry Undey Ord. Forecastle shell room
  A.B.Mallett Boy Upper deck between K1 and A1 turrets
  F.S.Raven A.B. 43 Mess, Maintop mess deck
  Alfred Murray Ord. Foretop Mess deck
  A.C. Branton ord. Quarterdeckmen's Mess
X H.S.Hanley P.O.1c X2 turret
  A.A.Rendle A.B. X2 turret
  F.Oldham A.B. Y1 turret
  E.Meyers A.B. Testing searchlights up the foremast
  C.R.Wilson A.B. Quarterdeckmen's mess
  F.W.Edmunds Lg.Sig. Decoding office, starboard side
  H.Boughen A.B. Fore shelter deck, starboard side
  F.Cassidy A.B. Outside A.1 turret
X W. Barken boy Fore end of quarterdeck
  A.H.Sawyer Sign. Fore shelter deck
  W.H.Stock Lg. Sea. Foretopmen's mess
  D. Cock A.B. Maintopmen's mess, starboard side
  S.C.Fairservice Ord. Maintopmen's mess deck
  E.D.Pemberton Ord. By B.1 turret
  W.E.Wright A.B. Between bathroom flat and head flat
  A.T.Hickson Ord. Foretop Mess
X P. Golden P.O.1c Outside P.O.'s mess, maintop mess deck
X R.C.Lewis Lg. Sea. Between two 7.5's, starboard battery
  M.H.Kemp A.B. Head flat
  D.J.Thomas Ord. Outside A.1 turret
  A.Day Boy By after ash hoist
  J. Brennan A.B. Forecastle
  G.H.Morris A.B. Fore gun deck
  A.F.Bessant A.B. In armourer's shop, starboard side
  G. Poole A.B. Maintop mess deck
  A.C.Smith Ord. After shelter deck, descending from searchlight
  J.F.Plummer Boy Tel. Starboard side aft
  C. Milne Boy In Main top
  H. Shelford Ord. Tel. On after shelter deck
  W.F.Chandler C.P.O. Armament Office
  R.C.Wilson Yeoman Foreshelter deck
  L.Kirby A.B. Maintop mess deck,aft
  F. Blakeley Boy Coaling, 1st picket boat, port side
  C.J.Morris A.B. ..do..
  D. Hughes Ord. Forward 9.2"space shell room
  H.Crawshaw A.B. Upper deck,starboard side,forward
  Godwin A.B. Upper deck,near starboard after 7.5" turret
  Parris Lg.Sto. Upper deck aft
  Morris Gunner R.M.A. Upper deck near starboard 9.2" turret
X Goode P.O.1c Upper deck amidships
  Edward Illsley Car. Crew ..do..
  Symes Stoker Upper deck, forward
  Potter A.B., R.N.R. ..do..
  Strotten O.S. ..do..
  James Hunt O.S. ..do..
  Letten Stoker Messdeck, forward
  Lindsay Stoker ..do..
  Newman Lg. Sto. ..do..
  Smith A.B. ..do..
  Whatley Lg.Sea. ..do..
  Rugg Sto., R.N.R. ..do..
  Channing Ord. Sea. ..do..
  McKernan Stoker, R.N.R. ..do..
  Gunton Lg. Sea. ..do..
X Milton P.O.1c ..do.. (Captain's Coxwain)
  Ernest Brittain A.B., R.N.R. ..do..
  Ern. A. Curle Ord. Sea. ..do..
  Edward Gorringe A.B. ..do..
  Hine, Walter A.B. ..do..
  Coleman, Thomas A.B. ..do..
  Bullock, Geo. A.B. ..do..
  Richard Saunders A.B. ..do..
  Reginald King A.B. ..do..
  Walter Goldsmith A.B. ..do..
  Cecil J. Marshall A.B. ..do..
  Robert F. Worth A.B. ..do..
  Robert Manaton H.A.A. ..do..
  Walter Garrett A.B. ..do..
  Henry Barr A.B. ..do..
  Reginald Dawe A.B. ..do..
  Campbell, Herbert A.B. ..do..
  Plummer, Wm. C. A.B. ..do..
  Townsend, F.S. A.B. ..do..
  Bendall, Walter Ord. Sea ..do..
  Osborne, Samuel Ord. Sea. ..do..
  William S. Rust Lg. Sea. ..do..
  George Burman A.B. ..do..
  Norman Hammond A.B. ..do..
  Fox,H.E. Teleg. ..do..
  Northan, Henry A.B. ..do..
  Fredk.W.Brush A.B. ..do..
  Fredk. J.Alabaster A.B. ..do..
  William Perrett Stoker ..do..
  Edwd.L.Hardy A.B. ..do..
  Ernest V. Henson Sign. ..do..
  Arthur Holland Stoker ..do..
  Harry Powsett Stoker ..do..
  Fredk.Wray Stoker ..do..
  Wm. Taylor Lg. Sea. ..do..
  John H. Muers Sto.R.N.R. ..do..
  Alex.Carlton Stoker ..do..
  Patrick Cronin Stoker ..do..
  Fred. H. Wistow Stoker ..do..
  Christopher Magee Sto., R.N.R. ..do..
  Robt. Borthwick Stoker ..do..
  Fredr.T.Merrick Stoker ..do..
  Walter T. Martin Stoker ..do..
  James Travis Stoker ..do..
  Geo. Norton Stoker ..do..
  Fredk. Stephenson Cooks mate ..do..
  William Sanders Cooks mate ..do..
  Edward Wheatley A.B. ..do..
  Gilbert Pearse Cooks mate ..do..
  James Bell Sto., R.N.R. ..do..
  Harry Keyzoy A.B. ..do..
  Herbert Winson G.M.A. ..do..
  Henry J. Ward Mechn. ..do..
  Alfred J. Beeney Mechn. ..do..
  Geo. Beckerson Mechn. ..do..
  Bert J. Turner Stoker ..do..
  Leonard Sheerwood Canteen Server ..do..
  Robert Walsh Stoker, R.N.R. ..do..
  Richard Coldrick Stoker ..do..
  Harold E. Wisbey Stoker ..do..
  Frank Clark Lg. Sto. ..do..
  Charles Brunson Lg.Sto., R.N.R. ..do..
  Leonard Anderson Stoker ..do..
  Percy Goldsmith Blacksmith's mate ..do..
  Dean O.S. Mess deck, aft
  Key S.S.A. ..do..
X Nicholson Lg.Sea. ..do..
  Burns A.B. ..do..
  Skelton Boy ..do..
X Gates P.O.1c ..do..
  Sreadman O.S. ..do..
  Brown A.B. ..do..
  Marsh A.B. ..do..
X Stone P.O.1c ..do..
  Prior A.B. ..do..
  Beenan A.B. ..do..
  Robert Scott Boy ..do..
  Walter Johnson Stoker ..do..
  William Coombes Stoker ..do..
X James Read S.B.O. ..do..
  John Lombard Stoker ..do..
  John E. George Lg.Sto. ..do..
X Henry A. Brunger P.O.1c ..do..
  John Enever Boy ..do..
  William Hawes Boy ..do..
  William Penner Boy Tel. ..do..
X George Boynton P.O.1c ..do..
  John S. Rouse Boy ..do..
  Alex Sked Boy ..do..
X William Walker P.O.1c ..do..
  George White Stoker ..do..
  Anderson Stoker, R.N.R. Stokehold
  Wardhopper Stoker, R.N.R. ..do..
  Parkin Stoker ..do..
  Shennin Stoker, R.N.R/ ..do..
  George Fenton Stoker ..do..
  A.G.Smith Stoker ..do..
  Thomas Taylorson Sto. R.N.R. ..do..
  C. Wellburn Sto. R.N.R. ..do..
  Lance Bell Sto. R.N.R. ..do..
  Samuel Nelson Stoker ..do..
  Arthur Bostock Sto. R.N.R. ..do..
  Thomas Holt Stoker ..do..
  Thomas Kelvie Stoker ..do..
  Chas.J.Penton Stoker ..do..
X Harry Nowell Lg. Sto. ..do..
  Robert Palliser Sto. R.N.R. ..do..
  Robert Clint Stoker ..do..
  Sidney Redrupp Stoker ..do..
  George Healey Stoker ..do..
X Wm. A. Saunders Electn. ..do..
  Jas. E. Rogers Lg. Sto. ..do..
  John F. Kerns Stoker ..do..
  Frank Richardson Stoker ..do..
  Thomas Arkle Sto. R.N.R. ..do..
  Jas. E. Houghton Sto. R.N.R. ..do..
  Tighe, Edward A. Lg. Sto. ..do..
  Alfred Owen Sto. R.N.R. ..do..
  James Summerball Sto. R.N.R. ..do..
X Arthur Hawkins S.P.O. ..do..
  James Hewitt Stoker ..do..
  John Todd Sto. R.N.R. ..do..
X Bowell S.B.A. Sick Bay
  James Williams O.S. ..do..
X Hughes Boy Signal Bridge
  Brown Stoker Capstan Flat
  Savage P.O.1c Fore shelter deck
  Staff A.B. ..do..
  Matlocks E.R.A. Workshops
  Arthur Kelly Arm. Crew Workshops, U.D., forward
X Turner Ch.Sto. Torpedo Flat
  Floydd A.B., R.N.V.R. Shell room passages
  Ernest Sanders A.B. ..do..
  Charles Nugent Ord. Tel. ..do..
  Robert H. May O.S. ..do..
X Hy. Chas. Randall Sergt. R.M.A. Marines Messdeck
  Charles Blow Plumber ..do..
  Malcolm McBurney O.S. Shell room, forward
  Percy Howard O.S. ..do..
  William Cardy Lg.Sea. ..do..
  Fredrick Lidstone Lg. Sea. ..do..
  James Hy. Turner O.S. ..do..
  William Hy. King O.S. ..do..
  Arthur Bird O.S. ..do..
  Chas.Hy. Port P.O.1c ..do..
  David Milne Ldg. Sea. ..do..
  James Hy. Colley A.B. ..do..
  William Aldridge O.S. ..do..
  Leslie Pantony O.S. Boatswain's Store
  William Bolton A.B. ..do..
  David Mort A.B. Carpenter's Store
  Alfred Draper Stoker, R.N.R. Bilges







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